Enlace Community Help Center

Enlace Community Help Center, Inc was founded in 1993 (Enlace de Amor) serving the homeless community in Little Havana area of Dade County. In 1996, the center spread out towards Hialeah and continues in 2003 to serve in Hialeah Gardens.

Enlace Community Help Center, Inc (Centro Comunitario Enlace Inc.) is a non-profit organization that provides food, information, referrals, counseling, lunch for children, and park festivals for families in Hialeah and Hialeah Gardens in Miami Dade. We also have an annual turkey donation in Thanksgivings Day, as well as, toy distribution for children in our community. A large percentage of these families consist of single or abandoned mothers with their children. The organization has also helped people who come from low income families on Christmas Day.

We emerge primarily to serve low income families by operating an Emergency Food Assistance program, a Human Resources Administration program (Skills training / Employment referral), and also providing activities for youth and children of low income families. Enlace Community Help Center works with children and youth to help improve their self-esteem, provide a family support group environment, motivate them improve their grades at school, and encourage them to help others in our community. The organization is operated by a group of volunteer individuals that are dedicated to the community and have an ardent desire to help the families, children and youth for healthy home environment.

Our mission is to raise community priority, supporting families in the community, children, youth, and single mothers. Our services include referrals to dentists, pediatricians, legal help with immigration attorneys, referrals for scholarships in schools, and referrals to employment. We also offer marriage seminars, meetings with Youth/Children programs in local parks, handling feast of Thanksgiving dinner for families, Christmas parties with gifts, children’s shows, and Christmas dinner.

Our spiritual, marital, emotional, and domestic violence counseling are backed by Christian Community La Roca Firme and their pastors Pablo and Gaciela Lago.

All activities, help and counseling are completely free.

If you are interested in helping us, here is the support we need:

Enlace Community Help Centers has a food warehouse and weekly supplement with 150 families with food boxes. We are short of tickets and food donations because of the increase of economic crisis. We appreciate all the help you can give us in order to be able to support all these families and continue to provide all services we give to them.


Rev. Ilse Hernandez Roig