Hogar temporal “Esperanza”

Hogar temporal “Esperanza” para madres solteras desamparadas.

Una Vision para fortalecer nuestra comunidad. Que no nos separe el desamparo.

How does our Temporal Home work?

Our Community Center of Help has worked in the city of Hialeah for many years. For the increasing number of single mothers abandoned with their children. We established our goal to lift up the temporal home “Hope” (Hogar Temporal “Esperanza”). With Day Care and tutory for the kids that needs it.

The Objectives of this Temporal or Transitory Home:

  • Increase single mothers self esteem
  • Group Therapies
  • Professional advice with psychologists
  • Spiritual counseling support
  • Training speeches to help single mothers to be Mom and Dad. (Discipline, communication, and the type of relationship that a mom should have with their kids.)
  • Offer the support helping them to spend more time with thier children:
  • Visiting some fun places like amusement parks and picnics.
  • Games, movies, etc… with our Temporal Home staff.
  • Day Care

After School programs

Classes of:

  • English
  • Computers
  • Art & Crafts
  • Floral, gardening, painting and drawing etc…
  • How to use Industrial machines
  • Beauty, manicure, and pedicure schooling
  • Work Opportunities from factories to receive salary so they can rent an apartment. Giving other single mothers with their children the big opportunity to enter our Temporal Home “Hope”